Fri, Jan 27, 2023

Our Story

I have been into music for the longest time I can remember of. And always been clear about choosing a profession which will keep me close to music. Keeping this on mind I came into music business Roughly 6 years ago and worked as a freelance music marketer on the leading freelancing websites. It was going really well until I felt doing something independently, doing something that could help the music artist specially the underrated talented artist worldwide and also giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the fans and the leading curators and banners creating opportunities and engagements. So to start that process nearly 4 years ago I impassioned plea to all the music bloggers and artist on my list about starting a group for the Music Bloggers, artist and fans and name it The Fantune . For those unaware, the fantune agency is a music lovers’ community of music bloggers, music critics, producers, musician and music fans. And helped several numbers of underrated artists getting signed.Successfully running the community for last 4 years i have always faced some common questions from the members that they are facing several marketing related problems like the services aren’t cheap and fruitful, they aren’t getting the much desired exposures, even most times the exposures are bot, so they aren’t getting any results. as being in the marketing business I got it all. So, decided to create something that could help the music artist that too in under one roof.

After doing a whole lot of research, monitoring the music market from inside and having the best possible image of marketing business finally I’m very excited to announce that I have come up with “THE FANTUNE AGENCY”. A sister concern of our community blog fan tune. Specialized music marketing agency to make your music dream a reality.


Creating something on this scale of this caliber wasn’t a easy task at all. We had to go through a lot of research, filled works, market analysis, having one on one conversations with the music artist about what they prefer? how they wanted the website to be? what their expectations from the websites? What services they want from the website? And so on. After getting all the necessary information the next big challenge was to find a skilled team to do their respective duties properly whether its marketing music, giving PR services, establishing a website, creating a logo or a banner or writing a professional artist Bio, we have handpicked some skilled people master at their own respective fields to ensure you the best quality work result possible.We are meaning to create a music website that hopefully, every music blogger and each music fan will like and love. Designed sort of a music marketing website we would like to assist you and uncover new underrated artists, hear the simplest songs that you have never heard before, read the simplest music reviews and find the foremost awesome music blogs from round the world. Our focus is on discovering the new, highlighting what was ignored and reviving the old because there are so numerous good artists then much good music out there that misses mainstream attention. And create opportunities foNonetheless, if you are one among our earliest supporters and have already registered your music blog for the new website, its time now for you to send us your photograph (nice new pics please), your updated profile and everyone your web and social links possible. This includes your Facebook profile, your Facebook fan page (if you have got one), Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, etc.) alongside a brief bio about yourself (in person voice). Our author pages (still under wraps) are designed to form your profile stand out therefore the more you share, the higher you will look.

If you are yet to register, the time is now to hitch us and become a part of the oldest independent blogger and influencer community that is growing a day and obtain free niche traffic for your site. you furthermore may stand to profit as an author or contributor and take advantage of our industry collaborations, so it is sensible to register.

If you appreciate what we do and think you will help or contribute in any way, please do not hesitate to urge in-tuned. When submitting content, do not plagiarize or libel anybody. If you have got a vested curiosity about anything you write on, please declare it. we would like people that write because they care about what they write on. Do not expect us to market any of your other projects because you are a contributor. We wish to be independent and fair to all or any.

In the meantime, it might mean such a lot if you will help us by tweeting, sharing or writing about us on your blogs and social channels. Thank you!